How I Feel About Being a Mum

Do you often wonder what it would be like not being a Mum? I often wonder how different my life would be.  But at the end of it – I always realise one thing….

Read my poem below to find out. 🙂

I love being a Mum.

Don’t get me wrong –

But sometimes, just sometimes

These thoughts come along…

What if I wasn’t, how would it be?

To live a life – carefree

No midnight waking,

No bathroom calls,

No school runs, no lunch box

No uniforms or falls.

No after-school clubs,

No weekend dance,

I could jet off to places like Italy or France.

I could go where I like

And do as I please;

Without a little one

Holding on to my knees

I’d have leisurely baths

That are now things of lore

There’s always a child

Knocking on the bathroom door!

No crying, no whining,

No dragging of feet,

No feeding, no dressing,

So the monsters look neat!

No hogging my iPad or telly or phone

I’d have it all to myself – ALONE…


That doesn’t sound good –

I wouldn’t have cuddles or hugs with my brood.

There’d be no giggling, no laughter, no smiles,

No pretending to be taken in by their wiles.

No ‘love you mummy’ till I say I do too,

No weekend trips with them to the zoo.

No bedtime stories, no tuck-ins in bed,

No baking, no crafting, no painting in red.

No bouncing on beds and no pillow fights

Let’s face it – my life would be without light.

My life would be lonely and barren and glum.

You know what?

I thank my stars I’m a Mum.

©Jacinta 2013

Do you feel like this too? Leave a comment and let me know. xx


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