How adults are entering the world of gaming

Although games may be thought of as being a child’s pastime, they also can be a great way to unwind for adults too. But things have moved on somewhat since the days of Hungry Hippos!

Nowadays, there are lots of fantastic games online for us adults too, so if you’re looking for a little bit of evening entertainment after you’ve completed all of those household tasks, then check out a few of these great gaming options.

Online board games



Board games used to be synonymous with family Christmases and long rainy Sunday afternoons, but now you can indulge your most nostalgic gaming experiences with some online versions of classic board games.

One of the most famous board games is Scrabble. Not only is it wildly addictive but it also has the benefit of boosting your vocabulary too. Now you can play Scrabble online on your smartphone or tablet, and what’s best is that it now includes an in-built dictionary to eliminate those arguments over whether that troublesome word really exists or not!

Pictionary is another vintage game that has been adapted for the online world with the iSketch version. This game can really test your drawing skills and is a great game to play against your kids too!

Casino games


One of the major boom areas in modern adult gaming is that of the online casino. This allows you to play a variety of casino games such as poker, roulette and slot machines all from the comfort of your sofa.

Online casino games not only give you the ability to play with real money, but many also include a fun chat room option that makes it much more of a social experience. So if you fancy a new way to connect with friends in the gaming environment, then check out the Betsafe casino website that has a great range of games that are easy to learn and great fun to play!

Console games for grown ups



In the early days, consoles used to be primarily aimed at the bedroom-bound teenager. But since the arrival of the Nintendo Wii the appeal of console games has broadened dramatically.

Now you can keep fit with the great Wii Fit game that offers more than 60 exercises for you to try out. The software also has the ability to improve your body balance and change your body mass index too.

If that sounds a little too energetic, then there are some great console games that can entertain your mind. The Ultimate Board Game Collection does exactly what it says on the tin, and enables up to four players to compete in games of Sudoku, mah-jong, chess and many more. And what’s best is that you don’t have to clear up all of the pieces afterwards!


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