House of Magic – A Magical Film for Children: A Review

I told you before, my children can be quite spoiled at times. They get to go to films which are yet to be released at the cinema.

Two weeks back, we headed off early into London to the premiere of House of Magic.

The children were pretty excited and so I was.

House of Magic Premiere

House of Magic is story about a cat called Thunder who is looking for a place to stay after being thrown out by the family that keeps him. He lands up in the house of an old man, a magician who entertains sick children in hospital. Thunder is not accepted by the inhabitants of the house especially Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse who are rather jealous of him. He manages to win them over however, when he saves the house from being sold by the old man’s nephew, a real estate agent, who wants to send the old man to a retirement home and get him off his back.

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The film is a fun-filled family entertainment and has both is poignant moments and the laugh out loud humorous bits. It is a film aimed at children so one must not forget that. It’s humour, it’s scenes and storyline are mainly to entertain children and that is exactly what it does. The children loved it and I did too (call me a child if you like!!)

There are some ‘Awwww’ moments and some ‘GASP’ moments and the film keeps you amused throughout. There is never a dull moment.

The soundtrack is also good.

I didn’t see the children fidget one bit – which means they were absorbed in the movie which speaks volumes. 🙂

We all loved the film and would definitely recommend it this summer. It will be released in the cinemas on 25th July.

If you want a look at the trailer, here it is.



And there are also some downloadable door hangers for your little ones, that you can print off.

door hangers

Disclaimer: We were invited to the premiere of the film. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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