Hotpoint Steam Blender Review

It’s getting cold outside so what can be better to coming home to some hot soup?


I have had this made possible with the amazing Hot Point Steam Blender. It is one clever kitchen gadget. A Multifunctional Blender and steamer. Could you ask for anything else?

For one, it is so easy to use. All you need do is chop your veggies up and then put them into the blender. Set the time to the recommended period for the specific vegetables and then switch on. Don’t forget to fill water in the water tank or well…it won’t steam the veggies then, will it?

Once steamed, all you need to do is to blend them together till smooth. Easy, peasy. And yes, adding that ‘lemon squeezy’ does make soup taste rather yum.

So, we’ve tried spinach, potato and leek (my favourite) and mushroom soup so far and they have all been big hits at home. The children love spinach soup which is a great thing. You may not think it, but it does taste rather yum.


The blender is made of glass, for obvious reasons, so it is quite heavy. The great thing about it is that the machine does not start unless it is assembled properly. I once forgot to put the rubber seal in to the blade area and put the blender together. Then had a bit of a panic moment as the machine didn’t start. Was so sure I had wrecked it already!! But all I needed to do was pop the rubber seal in and it was all good. Thank goodness. Whatever will we do without soup after the afternoon school run?

Spinach Soup

It is really easy to handle and as I mentioned earlier, the weather is perfect for soup. It is also nice to be able to do it myself and not rely on packets or tins. There is no hassle of cooking the vegetables first and then having to wait for it to cool and then blend it or use a masher.

Like One Pot cooking, it also saves on the washing. 🙂

I think this is ideal also to prevent wastage. Very often I find I am left with one of each vegetable (I have no idea why!!) and I can quite easily pop this into the blender and create something quite unique. I will be posting some recipes soon so do be sure to come back and visit.

Potato and Leek Soup

You can also use it as a steamer alone or a blender. It is also great for making baby food purees. For steaming purposes, you could use the metal basket so the vegetables don’t get mushy.

The blender has 4 speeds so it whips up anything in minutes. You can have a perfect soup in about 20 minutes max.

The Hotpoint Steam Blender retails at about £140 and is a great kitchen gadget.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Hotpoint Steam Blender for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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