Hotel Transylvania 2 Review – #HotelT2

The children (and I) were thrilled to be invited to the preview of Hotel Transylvania 2 from Sony Pictures at the Vue Cinemas at Westfiled thanks to Mumsnet.

We were greeted in the foyer by Mavis. 🙂


My little 4 year old was a bit wary of it being scary but once it started she jumped straight into it and loved every minute. She even put away her popcorn!

I did have some unfamiliar faces beside me but it wasn’t scary at all.


The story was about Papa Drac who tries his level best to keep Mavis and Johnny to stay on at Hotel Transylvania. It probably has to do with a little red head grandson called Dennis, who is totally adorable. Mavis is all set to get Dennis settled into a more normal childhood and thinks that taking him to California to settle will be a great idea. Drac is sure that Dennis has a vampire side and tries his best to get his fangs out. With the help of his faithful cohorts he hatches a plan to do so. But does it work?

The movie is full of hilarious scenes and laugh out loud antics. The children thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and are already planning on pre-ordering the DVD.

Little Dennis is so adorable and I could hear my little one go ‘Awww’ many times during the film.


It’s a must see with the children as both adults and children would be entertained by it. It’s not scary at all. But it is funny and heartwarming to see a grandfather (even though he is a vampire) do everything in his power to stay close to his grandchild.


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One thought on “Hotel Transylvania 2 Review – #HotelT2

  1. We also loved HT2. Didn’t go with Mumsnet, but happened to watch it as a preview in the local Cineworld. My younger son keeps asking me when the DVD is going to be out, as he wants to watch it again. Great fun.

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