Hot Wheels Super Loop Track Set – Review

There’s something about dinky cars that can always catch a boy’s attention. Ethan is no exception. He loves Hot Wheels.


When we were sent this lovely hot wheels super loop play set, he couldn’t wait to get playing.

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I was quite impressed with the set up instructions. Everything was perfectly explained and the pieces were conveniently numbered so they fit into each other.


When assembled it is an amazing 3 feet tall race track with loops to boot.

It does have to be attached to the wall though so you need to have wall space. For us that was a bit of a problem as it it tall as well as wide. It attaches to the wall with the help of sticky strips which are supplied but here again you need to decide on where you want it to be or else you’ll have bits of wall paint come off.

The set is one which will make any little boy happy. The car whirls upside down and loops and races.


The motorised unit at the base of the set powers the cars enough to make them race to bring pleasure to any little boy. The set consists of a large (3ft) orange loop and two smaller yellow loops.

It comes with one car but then I’m sure if you have a hot wheels fan at home, there will be many other cars to race too. Although, some cars don’t work with the set but this doesn’t deter from having fun as it is a great toy.


Ethan loves the set and enjoys playing with it. The nice thing about it is that you can add other Hot Wheel tracks to the set to make a really impressive racing track.

The set is a great quality as one expects and always gets from Mattel.

A huge recommendation for Christmas. Santa can’t go wrong with this one.

The Hot Wheels Super Loop is priced at about £39.99 and is available at all Tesco, Asda and other major toy retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent this race track set for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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