Host a Picnic Party and Raise Money for the NSPCC

This is a rather different Twitter party this time. We’re taking part in a campaign to raise money for the NSPCC. The NSPCC is a charity that I feel strongly about as it gives children a voice that they may not normally have.

This campaign is a fun campaign and I’m hoping that you can take part too or make a donation towards my cause.

The NSPCC is encouraging anyone and everyone to arrange their very own picnic party to fundraise for various services including the Speak Out. Stay Safe. programme in schools, and Childline.

You can register here and you will be sent a fundraising pack to host your very own picnic party and raise money for the NSPCC.

Remember, you can make a difference as ‘Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For’

There are also rewards for fundraising –

  • Raise £5 and receive a set of thank you notes for your guests
  • Raise £20 and receive thank you notes, an In the Night Garden magazine and a Pontipine Picnic board book
  • Raise £60 and receive thank your noted, magazine, Pontipine book and a personalized mini animation
  • Raise £125 and receive thank you notes, magazine, Pontipine book, mini-animation, an Igglepiggle blanket and a set of In the Night Garden cuddly toys
  • Raise £200 and receive thank you notes, magazine, Pontipine book, mini-animation, Igglepiggle blanket, cuddly toy and In the Night Garden bedroom set
  • Raise £250 and receive all of the above and get family tickets to In the Night Garden Live 2018

Such great incentive to take part but the greater incentive is being able to help the children who really need help.

I was sent a blogger pack to host my own picnic party and to help with the campaign –



When you sign up, you’ll receive the fundraising kit, but you can add your own little bits to make the picnic a success.

If you don’t have the time to host your own picnic, I would be thrilled if you donate to my Just Giving page for the NSPCC –

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Update – 10 August 2017

We are 10 days away from our Picnic Party and I’ve only had £5 in donations. I would be thrilled if I can raise the sum I want so any donations will be welcome.

We are also excited about hosting our party and hope to raise much more. Will you be joining us on Twitter?

12 thoughts on “Host a Picnic Party and Raise Money for the NSPCC

  1. I support the NSPCC because of my own personal childhood experiences so I like to help any charity that helps those who need it most. What a great concept for a Twitter party! x

  2. What a worthy cause I like the idea of this it’s like tapping in to social media that is hot on everyone’s mind in our current world and using that to tap in to people for a great cause 👍

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