Horrible Histories : More Best of Barmy Britain Review

Two weeks back, we headed into London to the Garrick Theatre to watch Horrible Histories:More Best of Barmy Britain.

To be honest, the children were not too interested about going for it when I told them what we were going to see. They told me they didn’t want a history lesson during the summer holidays. Of course, being the good mum that I am, I insisted that learning during the holidays is important and got them out of the house to attend.

You see, I had read the reviews and the show looked like so much fun that I knew the kids would enjoy it. I wasn’t wrong. At the end of it, they asked why it was so short!

Here’s a little bit about the show –

Find out why the Romans were revolting! Could you survive the vicious Vikings? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Would you party with the Puritans? Clap along with crazy King Charles! Dare you stand and deliver to dastardly Dick Turpin? Vomit with the vile Victorians and prepare to do battle in the frightful First World War!

The cast included Ashley Bowden as Rex and Laura Dalfleish as Queen  – that’s all. And they were all the show needed. Quick costume changes, great stage presence and interaction with the young audience made them a bit hit with everyone in the audience.

The show was witty and hilarious and the children laughed their way through it.

It also did teach a little about the history of Britain – some things that I didn’t know of as well.

We came to know the history behind the way towns are named with this song –

“Chester and Leicester are Roman, Scarborough and Peterborough are Saxon, Derby and Grimsby are Viking, we know our way around!”

And a whole lot more, as the two actors took us down the ages in History.

My youngest, aged 6, may not have got some of the references but she enjoyed it all the same. Jadyn was familiar with a few of the names as they are periods in History that she studied about in the past year.

The show is presented by The Birmingham Stage Company and is written by Terry Dreary and Neal Foster.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and my day was made when the kids told me how glad they were that I took them to see the show because they had a great time.

It’s one for the whole family and if you want more information or to book tickets visit – www.barmybritain.com


6 thoughts on “Horrible Histories : More Best of Barmy Britain Review

  1. This is so cool, I didn’t know there was a theater play as well. I have watched the entire series on the tv and it was hilarious. I would love to watch the play as well.

  2. oh wow I cannot wait for my son (now aged 3) to grow older so we can start doing these sort of things more. He’s already starting being a bit less tantrumy and a more agreeable companion so, here’s to the future :))))

    1. The kids enjoy the theatre and I’m sure he will too as he gets older. My youngest started sitting through only when she was 5.

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