Homemade Yogurt with Yo Magic

We use a lot of yogurt in our home – with fruit for breakfast, as an ingredient or as an accompaniment with our meal if the meal is particularly spicy. And sometimes, it even doubles up as a dessert.

I was thrilled to be invited to review Yo Magic from Belle and Bella and to be able to make homemade yogurt. I received a few extra goodies in my delivery – this cute water bottle and a badge. 

The Yo Magic yogurt maker is an automatic yogurt maker that makes it so easy to make your very own yogurt at home. In the box, there is the yogurt maker, a ceramic pot and instructions. You’ll need the non-dairy starter too which can be purchased separately from the Belle and Bella site or from other retail sites too. 



All you need do is add the non-dairy yogurt starter and then add your choice of milk. I added to cow’s milk so I had to heat it according to instructions. I then added the starter and transferred it to the ceramic pot. I put the ceramic pot in the ‘water bath’ and put the yogurt maker on. It takes 10 hours to set the yogurt and once done, you need to keep it refrigerated for a few hours and then eat it.

I was pleased to see how creamy the yogurt turned out. I had added a bit of vanilla essence to add flavor and it was delicious.

It was so easy to make and the kids loved it so much that it was finished in one sitting.

I like that you have different options as you can add non-dairy milk too – like coconut milk, soya, goats or almond milk giving people who are allergic to dairy, the option to have yogurt and know exactly what it contains. If you are thinking green, it means that you’re helping to reduce waste by not requiring the plastic containers.

I always recommend having yogurt at home because of its versatility. Add a little fruit to it and you have dessert or breakfast. Add fruit and blend it and you have a smoothie. I also sometimes add a little yogurt to my pancake mix and it gives it that added fluffiness. 

What could be better than making your own yogurt knowing there are no nasties in it? Yo Magic is the answer to this and with the process being so easy, you can make it again again. 

To find out more about Yo Magic, visit https://www.belleandbella.com

And keep your eyes peeled on my blog because there’ll soon be a giveaway for one of these amazing yogurt makers. 

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