Holidays = A Lifetime of Memories

I think holidays are an excellent way of getting the family together and getting to know each other better.

I am not saying that we don’t know each other in the family but somehow, somewhere between school and work and other pressures we tend to take each other for granted and carry on going through the motions.

On holiday, I find everyone is somehow more relaxed and this is the time that everyone can let their hair down and relax. This also means no cooking for mum, no homework for the children and no work for dad. I guess this is what makes it a holiday!

We have been on some amazing holidays as a couple and then with Jadyn when we took her toDisneyland.  However after having the younger two we have had little time to go on holiday much because of the costs involving 5 of us.

Last August, we travelled to India to visit my parents as my mum was very unwell. It was hot and rainy there and the children didn’t really get out much but I spent three weeks there and my mum got to see my youngest, Aeryn for the first time. The children didn’t really enjoy themselves as the weather didn’t permit and as a result were quite poorly there.  Hubs and I too were a little stressed as the children got sick in turn. Added to that my mum had been diagnosed with leukaemia and we didn’t know what was in store.

Although our holiday was not quite what we envisaged, I am really glad we made the trip because exactly a week after our leaving India, my mum passed away.

During the holiday, I saw my children grow in to even more caring little people. They adjusted well in spite of the sickness and they were thrilled to be near their grandma almost like they knew she would soon be no more. They spent a lot of time with her and my dad and I know that they provided much happiness in her final days.

I do not have photos of our holiday in India but here are some of us as we took day trips around England this summer.


Now, we would like to be given an opportunity to go on a ‘real’ holiday. We would love to be a #MarkWarnerMum a #MarkWarnerDad and #MarkWarnerChildren. It would take us years of saving to be able to go on a sun or ski holiday like this.

Wouldn’t it be bliss to go on a holiday with childcare thrown in? To be able to learn how to sail and to feel the wind on my face? To be able to ski down snowy slopes? I am sure Hubs would enjoy windsurfing or skiing (I will make sure to have my video camera with me for the initial few lessons) and the children would enjoy tennis and mountain biking. Me? You would find me trying out the fitness programme and then spending some ‘me’ time with a spa treatment.

Over and above all, it would be a great way for us to spend time together and make a lifetime of memories on what I am sure would be a once in a lifetime holiday.

Personally, I would also be privileged to work with Mark Warner holidays through my blog and act as a brand ambassador. I would love to have the #MarkWarnerMum badge on my blog. I think the Mark Warner Bloggers’ Night Out sounds just what I would need as well – judging from the Mark Warner stand that I visited at BlogFest. I would love to expand my blog to include other brands and last but not least, I really need to be chosen as I am very curious to know what else you have in store one the ‘PLUS’ side.

This is my entry to become a #MarkWarnerMum

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