Holiday Wardrobe with George at Asda

As we were about to embark on our holiday  (much deserved, I might add), I was sent this amazing opportunity to help me have an amazing holiday.

I was contacted by George at Asda and asked to review some swimwear from their range as well as receive a suitcase to pack all my stuff into. Amazing, isn’t it?

I was sent the Constellation Superlite 2 Wheel Large case and it is super light as it says. It is also rather spacious and carries a whole lot of stuff. I normally carry loads because I always wonder what I’m going to need with the children.

Since it has wheels it is also easy to carry around.


I was also sent a range of swimwear which was ideal as we were going to the beach.


This bodysculpt swimsuit looks amazing and because I am quite self conscious of my post baby body it was perfect for getting me out there. It fit really well and it managed to make me look slimmer.

Since I am so self-conscious, I also looked at some cover ups and this kaftan looks gorgeous with it’s beaded neckline. It looks great for an evening garden or pool party too.

The dress with the crochet back looks attractive and is actually far too nice to wear to the beach. It is great for wearing around the house in summer and can also be dressed up with accessories for an evening ‘do’.

Summer is not complete without a pair of flip-flops and these are lovely.


What I like about the entire range is that they are inexpensive and affordable and yet the products are ever so nice both in quality and style.


If you are going away this Christmas to places that are hotter and beach perfect, do have a look at the range. You can pick up everything you need from holiday shop at George at Asda

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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