Hide-and-Seek Holly Review

Aeryn is a huge Ben and Holly fan. We had reviewed a few toys from the collection – Thistle Castle play set and Magical Playground playsets.

This time we were sent a Holly plush to review. But this is no ordinary Holly – it’s a Hide and Seek Holly from Character.


The toy consists of a Holly Plush and a remote.

What you need to do is hide the Holly plush and then go and look for her with remote in hand. As you press the button on the remote, you’ll be told if you are ‘hot’ or cold’.

ben and holly


If you are far from Holly, the green light shines and says ‘Can’t find me’ or ‘you’re colder than a snowman’

If you are getting nearer, the yellow light shines and it says ‘You’re getting warmer’ ‘getting closer now’

If you are really near, the red light shines and it’s says ‘really close now’ and ‘you’re hotter than a baked potato’.

Once you are with Holly, it says ‘ Found me’.


The plush figure of Holly is identical to the series on telly. Holly has a pink dress, wing’s, Wandy’ and a crown with her characteristic yellow/gold hair.

I think that this toy is rather lovely. It is great for little ones to play hide and seek with Holly on their own. It is also a nice way to play hide and seek among children with one child holding Holly and hiding and the rest trying to find her with the remote.

The latter would make an ideal party game and would also be loads of fun.

I did quite enjoy trying out the toy, leave alone the children.

Aeryn enjoys playing Hide and Seek with Holly. I think Hide-and-Seek is a favourite with most children.

The Holly Plush can also be used to play with on it’s own.


The only niggle with this product is that it requires 7 batteries (yes you read that right). However, if you use rechargeable batteries like I do, then that’s no problem. The batteries also last quite long as we have been playing with it quite a bit and they are still going strong. It was also a bit of a struggle putting the batteries in as you need to remove the battery case from the back of Holly’s head.

These in no way spoil the playing experience and this is a lovely toy for any child.

Hide-and-seek Holly is available at all major retailers and is priced at £29.99

 Disclaimer: I was sent the above toy to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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