Hidden Gem – Box Hill, Surrey

On Mother’s Day, all I wanted was for us to put away all gadgets and have fun together. Now, for obvious reasons this is difficult. The only actual way of doing this is to get away from home so that temptation is kept at arm’s length.

I was also firm that we would not spend money on entrance tickets or things like that so we decided to head off to a place we had not heard much of and was quite near to us. There are some places that one doesn’t know about but can really make for a fabulous family day out.


Box Hill, in Surrey, is under the National Trust. We had not realised that there was so much to see and do there.

John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, also lived here for about 3 years from 1929 – 1932. It is said that his initial signal was sent from the top of the hill to the valley below.


By the time we arrived, there were already quite a few families there picnicking. We found parking and walked around a bit to take in some breathtaking views. There is ample opportunity for kite flying as the ground at the top of the hill is flat. You can see Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex below you from the view point atop the hill.

We walked a bit and then the children were hungry so we went to the cafe and had lunch which consisted of lovely sandwiches and cakes all sourced from local ingredients.

After this the children were ready to go on the tour. We first visited the Box Hill Fort. This was built in 1896 to defend London.


The children were most interested in visiting the nature play trail and it was quite interesting. There were seesaws made from trees and tepees made from branches and twigs. The children obviously had loads of fun crawling in and out of these.


We didn’t do this but it sounds like fun and I hope to do it with the children one day soon. There is a walk called the Stepping Stones Walk and is a 2 mile route but involves climbing down 275 steps down the hill to the River Mole and then walk on the Stepping Stones across the river. It looks like a fun but tiring walk.


There are many birds and insects to observe whilst walking along the woods and there is even a learning centre called Discovery Zone within the shop where children can learn about the insects that inhabit Box Hill.

The views are amazing, the history rich, the play trail is entertaining and most of all there is no entry fee. This really is a hidden gem.

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  1. it is really a beautiful place for a day out .specialy for kids to learn about the world around, from the city life.

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