Hetty Feather Live – A Review

I love the theatre although I don’t go regularly as I would like to.

We’ve been to a few children’s theatres and the children have thoroughly enjoyed them.

This time we were invited to attend Hetty Feather, based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson.

Jadyn was very excited as Jacqueline is her favourite author.



We were given tickets for the show at the Duke of York’s theatre, London for the matinee show.

We had been invited to tea after the show and when we reached Jadyn was thrilled to know that Jacqueline was going to be at the show and we’d get to meet her at the after show tea party.

We sat in the stalls and had a clear view of the stage. And ‘Eeek’ (as Jadyn says) Jacqueline sat just behind us.

Now about the performance – it was brilliant.

Hetty Feather is the story of a girl who is left at the Foundling Hospital because her mother can’t raise her. She is sent to a foster home where she enjoys her first years. But before she’s six, she has to come back to live at the Foundling Hospital.

Hetty being a very spirited girl finds herself constantly in trouble. All she wants to do is be free and find her mother. Does she find her? You’ll have to go watch the play or read the book. Actually, watch the play AND read the book.


The play was perfectly adapted for theatre by Emma Reeves. It was poignant and heartwarming and I found myself wiping away a tear more than once during the performance.

The actors were amazing and were well suited to their characters. Sophie Thomas played Hetty to the hilt.

The musical score by Benji Bower and direction of Sally Cookson, make Hetty Feather a winner all the way.

Hetty Feather us a must watch and if you are a Jacqueline Wilson fan this goes without saying. Even if you haven’t read the book, the play covers the story.

We give is 5 out of 5 stars and think you shouldn’t miss it.

If watching the play wasn’t enough, Jadyn was speechless to be able to meet Jacqueline Wilson in person.


In fact, I got so caught up in the story, that I cam back home and read the rest of the Hetty Feather books from Jadyn’s collection.

Hetty Feather is on tour in the UK and you can read more about this at Hetty Feather Live

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Here’s the official trailer –

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