Here’s How To Have A Fantastic Honeymoon




It can be hard when you are deciding where to go for your honeymoon. You need to think about how you want to spend the first week or two of married life. It’s an exciting time as you can celebrate becoming Mr & Mrs, and finally, relax after months, if not years, of planning! Here’re the best ways to have a fantastic honeymoon that you and your new hubby will never forget.


Let them know you are honeymooners


If you tell the hotel that you are planning to go to that you are honeymooners; they are very likely to leave a nice surprise for you when you get there. When you book your hotel, make sure you tell the travel provider why you are going on holiday. They could potentially give you a discount. And when you get there, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out you have been upgraded rooms. Or they may just leave you some lovely fruit, chocolate or wine as a kind gesture!



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What you need to have the perfect honeymoon is to be able to relax and chill out after all the stress of wedding planning. Try and choose a beautiful location where you can do nothing but chill and relax for a week or so. The best way to do this is go for somewhere which has a beach and pool. Research online and chat to your travel agent about where the best beaches are that they offer. A lot of hotels now provide spa services which will mean you get to chill out with a massage or facial. They often do couple massages too so you can go in together.


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Alone time


You need to make sure that you have a perfect honeymoon where you and your new husband get to spend some quality time alone. You should consider whether you want to stay at a hotel or look at some self-catering options. Staying self-catering means that you have an idyllic honeymoon where nobody will disturb you at all. Also, if you have got married while abroad, you need to make sure you go off for a separate honeymoon just the two of you. You can’t have a romantic time with your parents there!


Enough to see

Although sitting on the beach is great for a while, you and your new husband may want to go and explore. Try and choose somewhere for your vacation which will allow you to relax, but go and look around the area too. For example, holidays to Cancun will mean you can enjoy the beach, but there also plenty to look at.


Something unique

To have the perfect honeymoon, you should consider going on a vacation which you haven’t been before. Whether this is to a new country or even going on a cruise, it’s the perfect time to splash the cash and try something new. Your honeymoon is likely to be one of the most expensive holidays you go on (before you have kids) and so you should make it unforgettable.



Remember whatever you do, as long as you both are together, it will be fantastic!




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