Helping my favourite charity thanks to the Happy Badger

Today I am a Happy Blogger thanks to The Happy Badger!!

I was contacted by The Happy Badger who will give £50 to the charity of my choice in return for writing this post.

What could be a better way to help a charity than to give a donation?

My chosen charity is – The Lullaby Trust.

Why is this my chosen charity?

Being a mum, the thought of a parent losing a child suddenly  to cot death, is something that I cannot understand. Also, Cot Death is something that can strike any child; even a toddler and I can almost feel the pain that a parent will have to undergo if something like this happens.

The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support for bereaved parents and anyone affected by sudden infant death.

Like every charity, The Lullaby Trust requires donations to carry on their work and also help with research to develop ways to prevent these sudden deaths.

Thank you Happy Badger for helping me to support my favourite charity and giving my readers a chance to know more about The Lullaby Trust.

If you would like The Happy Badger to visit you so that you too can make a difference, please visit


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