Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops – Why We Still Love Them!

Heinz Hoops have probably featured in most of our lives as parents. Kids love it and as a busy parent, it’s not unknown to give your children food out of a can.

All three kids loved Heinz Hoops when they were younger – they still do.


We were sent some of the new cans to review and the kids couldn’t wait to get tucked in. Yes, even Jadyn, as she loves eating food that she had when younger. She’ll stop at baby food of course.

What’s new about these Heinz Hoops?

First of all, the name should give you a hint as they are called Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops

They boast a range of health benefits too –

·        Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops is 1 of your 5 a day

·        Vitamin D to support normal bone development

·        Packed with iron to support normal cognitive development

·        Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops is Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

These are perfect for when you need a quick meal after a long day out or a long journey.

While they taste great on their own, you can also add small chopped roasted vegetables to them to make them even healthier.

What we like about Heinz No added Sugar Hoops?

They are tasty and convenient. You just heat it out of the can and serve. And which child doesn’t like pasta/spaghetti? It’s got to be a win.


We were sent some Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



One thought on “Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops – Why We Still Love Them!

  1. Sugar is such a big problem in all the processed foods these days. We don’t even realise how much sugar we eat every day because of the processed foods. And this affects our health so much. It’s great that Heinz has developed a range for children, without added sugar and that it still tastes good.

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