Hearing Things from Hasbro – Review

Have you ever played the whisper game? You know the one where you say something to someone and then it’s passed on and what the end result is, is totally different to what the first sentence is.

Hearing Things from Hasbro is slightly similar to this only you have to guess what someone is whispering.

You play as a team of two. One wears the headphones and tries to guess what their partner is saying. The only thing is that you need to switch the headphone on and you can hear a cacophony of sound which makes it so much harder to decipher what your partner is saying. You have to lip read instead of hearing.

To decide what you say there is a deck of cards to choose from. Pick the card from the top of the deck and whisper what’s on it. There are completely random phrases on the cards. Each card has 4 phrases and there are 150 cards in all.

There’s also a time limit so you do have to guess quickly.

We had a great time playing the game. It was hilarious trying to decipher what one’s partner was saying and we ended the game is fits of giggles most of the time.

The game requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included.

Hearing Things is priced at £19.99 and is a great family games. Since it involves only headphones and cards, it is easy to carry around and is perfect to play while on holiday.


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