Health and Safety and Accidents at Work

Do you often wonder why so many office workers are out and about during the day sharing a coffee or taking a break from work? It is just them ensuring they are sticking to health and safety regulations. And no – that does not mean taking a break that is longer than a period of work!

A tired worker is no help to the organization or to himself and can jeopardize himself and the organization especially if dealing with machinery and equipment. It is for this reason that the Health and Safety at Work Act was passed in 1974.

Most work places have Health and Safety regulations in place. What this means is that employers have to conduct risk assessments and also ensure that they have first aiders and proper first aid equipment to cover minor accidents.

It is also important that employees take care of their own health and this not only involve access to safety equipment. Health and safety also must ensure that employees have enough rest breaks during the day as well as paid annual leave and time off during the working week.

You must also remember that also using the computer has its hazards and today majority of the jobs are dependent on the computer. It is recommended that one takes a 5 – 10 minute break for every 50 – 60 minutes of screen/keyboard use instead of a 15 minute break every 2 hours.

It is also important that there is proper ventilation, lighting and restroom facilities that comply with health and safety regulations.

However, there are sometimes that no matter how careful one is, a work accident may take place. It is the employer’s responsibility then to grant statutory sick pay for time taken to recuperate and to ensure the cause of the accident is rectified so no one else is at risk. It is also possible to make an injury claim if one feels that the employer is responsible.

Health and Safety regulations must always be followed both by employer and employee to ensure that the work place remains a safe and healthy environment to achieve the best possible results.

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