Have you taught your child The Underwear Rule?

With my little one starting school, I felt it was time to teach him – The Underwear Rule.

As you may know – the Underwear Rule simply put states that you should not allow anyone to touch you or look at parts of your body covered by underwear. Neither should you look at or touch someone’s body parts covered by underwear if they ask you to.

While doing so, I was a bit saddened that I had to make my child aware of his sexuality without him knowing it at such an early age. Obviously, my son wanted to know why? To which I replied that those parts are private and only you can touch them.

The next few minutes went on to ask whether Mummy can touch them, Daddy can touch them reminding me a lot about the Despicable Me questions that the 3 girls ask Gru!

Yes, Mummy and Daddy can, I replied.

Well, what about uncle and aunty? And the list went on.

I stopped and wondered. Who can I say can touch him? What if I am ill and someone else needs to bathe him? Will he not have a bath with his aunt because of ‘The Rule’

There are some people I know I can trust – or can I?

Where does this all stop? More importantly, am I teaching him to distrust everyone?

I was never taught The Underwear Rule at 4 years of age. My parents didn’t need too. They knew I would be safe at school.

I am a bit upset that I have to teach my child this rule because of some people in the world who take advantage of little children.

And yet, it is something I know I have to do.

If only, to keep him safe.

If only, to keep me worrying a bit less.

If your child is starting school, have you taught them The Underwear rule?

Yes or no? I would love to know why?

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