Hatchimals Surprise – Review

Last year the Hatchimals was the rage and the top gift for Christmas. This year SpinMaster has come up with another winner – Hatchimals Surprise. We were thrilled to be a part of the chosen few to be among the first to review them – both times.

The Hatchimals Surprise Egg comes in a packaging that is similar to the Hatchimals except if you look closely there’s a huge clue in it. Can you spot the difference?

We received a speckled egg – purple and green and we were SO excited that we couldn’t wait to open it.

The egg works in pretty much the same way. Once you remove the little bits beneath it, it is ready to start hatching. You can hear the sounds coming from it and it makes it ever so exciting. There are different emotions that the egg itself goes through with different colours telling you what they are. The colours are a little light so if the room is well lit, you may miss the colours.

Tap on the egg and it taps back – in the same rhythm.


Once the egg is ready to hatch – rubbing the bottom of the egg helps this, you should see some rainbow coloured lights from within the egg. You’ll also hear a whirring sound – your cue so you don’t miss the big moment.

And then the big surprise – once you take out the little creature, there’s another one! Yes, it’s twins!

The children were thrilled to bits and so excited as you can see from the video.

We had the Peacats. One was largely pink and the other one was purple. They are just adorable.

Once out, the twins sing happy birthday and then interact with each other as well as on their own. You can touch their nose or the top of their head to make them do different things. Their eyes flash different colours to let you know they are hungry, cold, upset or lonely and there is a handy cheat sheet to let to act accordingly.

You can then take the creatures to the different stages Baby, Toddler, Kid, Adult and at each stage they will do different things like dance, play games etc. We haven’t gone past baby as yet.

The egg hatching process is much shorter than the pervious Hatchimals so be sure not to miss it. Ours took about 7 minutes as you can see.

The Hatchimals Surprise is priced at £74. 99 but you do get two little creatures that do different things so they are quite like two different toys.

While the concept may not be new, the addition of the second little creature in the egg makes it innovative and with both interacting with each other, allows for much more playtime fun. We totally loved the whole hatching experience as well as the surprise. And we love the little Peacats.

Without doubt, this is set to be a top toy this Christmas so if you want one, you’d best go out and snap it up fast. I’m sure it will soon be out of stock.

It is available at all major toy retailers.

Here’s our video of the Hatchimals Surprise Egg hatching –


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5 thoughts on “Hatchimals Surprise – Review

  1. I’ve liked the idea of hatchimals but I’ll be honest the price put me off. I guess when your kids you just love the element of surprise. The fact that it’s twins makes it a little more appealing x

  2. We didn’t buy a Hatchanimal last year as we didn’t think the price was justified but I have to say that having two surprise animals makes a real difference, especially as they interact with one another. I might just have to purchase this for my daughter this year! Thank you for sharing the review 🙂

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