Hatchimals Review – The Adorable New Toy from Spinmaster

A few weeks ago we were asked to do something quite mysterious –  to hatch an egg. It was a rather large egg too and the children were very, very excited.

We were sent a Hatchimal from Spinmaster.


Now the thing is, no one knew what was inside the egg. It was a big reveal and we were thrilled to be a part of it. The Hatchimal is delivered in rather cute packaging. The top is the top of an egg but it is not the real thing and you need to open it up to reveal the egg.

The egg is rather large and you do need two hands to hold it (for a child) and it is a lovely speckled colour. Ours was pink.

After reading up on the instructions, we realised that we needed to nurture the egg so that it hatches – much like a real egg. The more you play with the egg, the more it interacts and the more likely you are going to see it hatching quickly, if you are impatient like us.

As you follow the instructions and stroke the egg, the eyes change colour and depending on the colour of the eyes, you interact with it.



We heard all sorts of cute sounds coming from the egg and the children could not wait to see what was in it.

It even tapped back when we tapped on it.


Soon, we could hear some whirring noises inside and the little chick was ready to begin pecking to come out. We did give it a bit of help as the children were really impatient to see the little  Hatchimal. We had a Penguala – an adorable little penguin like creature that sang Happy Birthday to itself once it was ‘born’.


It is a really cute little thing and as it learns to copy you and walk and interact, the children fell more and more in love with it.

There are different stages –

BABY – care for your Hatchimal by cuddling and feeding and nurturing

Toddler – Teach it to walk and talk

Kid – Play with it to unlock new games.

The colour of the eyes indicate what mode the Hatchling is in and it communicates through this too so you know if it’s cold or sad.

The children find an excuse to constantly give it a cuddle.

The children obviously just adore the whole concept and the little Hatchling. Personally I think it is an amazing toy. To be able to actually hatch an animal and then play with it, is a winning idea. The little Penguala is also ever so cute. What is so incredible about it, is the price. It is priced at £59.99 and is great value for money.

A few things to remember –

Once you hatch the egg, you cannot put it back to it’s previous state (obviously).

You can reset the Hatchimal to baby state from kid state to hand it over to a sibling or to start play all over again.


It does take a little longer that 25 minutes for the egg to hatch. The concept is that it is like a real egg and an egg normally takes 21 days. It is meant so that you can have a little play with the egg over a course of a few days. I would have loved to prolong the hatching experience actually.

We totally LOVE this one and there’s no doubt it’s going to be a forerunner for Christmas. Get yours quick. There are pink and pink and teal eggs which have pengualas and green and purple eggs which have draggles.  You still won’t know what yours will look like as there are different colour combinations.

Are you going to hatch one? Leave me a line to let me know how you got on.



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