Hasta Mañana, Mum…

Watching Mamma Mia! invoked so many feelings in me – happiness, nostalgia and most of all – sadness.

I was taken back in time to my childhood as ABBA has played a huge part in the music I listened to while growing up. I remember on my 7th birthday, I had a party. It was my ‘lucky’ birthday. 7 on the 7th. I had classmates over, family friends and their children and a lovely yellow strap dress. It was also the day my Dad went out and bought a record player and with it came 3 vinyls – Paul Mauriat (instrumental music), The Ventures (yes, that was considered old by me) and ABBA. Probably ABBA went down the best because of it’s modernity in those days. Needless to say it was a great party. 🙂

Following that, the one thing that comes to mind is my Mum singing all the ABBA songs with us. And I realised  once again, just how much I miss her.

She loved the film MAMMA MIA! In fact, I remember booking tickets for my Dad and her to go and see it and they enjoyed it.

She would have loved the theatrical version and would have spent the evening laughing, singing and dancing with me. She was that kind of person.

She, in her own quiet way, instilled in us the love for music. I remember evenings spent as a family listening to music and singing together. We seemed to have much more time then.

Mamma Mia! brought to mind my Mum in so many other ways, the love she had for us children, of teaching us to be strong and lead our own lives and standing by so we could rely on her to just listen to all our troubles without passing judgement.

Like the film, I remember also turning my frustration on my Mum, when it was no fault of hers and she was there with open arms when I came back to say ‘sorry’.

Most of all, I remember my wedding day and her fussing around me and helping me get ready.

I SO missed her while at the theatre and it brought to the fore all the feelings I push behind me everyday.

An emptiness caused by her absence that no one can fill.

The strength of a love that never dies even if a person does.

My Mum’s favourite song by ABBA –



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