Hasbro’s Torch Blazin Dragon Tour of London

On Saturday, we braved the cold and headed off early into London for an exciting walk to search for dragons. The Torch Dragon Tour began in the George Inn in Southwark and ended at Smithfield Market – a distance of about 3.5 miles(5.73 km).

With TV historian Suzanne Lipscomb leading us, we – Ethan, Aeryn and I, together with some other dragon enthusiasts headed off to find every dragon we could along our walk.


I truthfully never realised that there were so many dragon dotted along our route. We counted 404 dragons and we probably missed a few. They are actually everywhere around London – on the street signs, garbage bins and the bollards too not to mention on the old entry points into the city and buildings.



Suzanne managed to get the kids and the adults interested and we were all keeping our eyes peeled for dragons.

The children of course, couldn’t take their eyes off this little dragon (not so little in size). Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is part of the FurReal Friends range from Hasbro and is absolutely adorable.



He is interactive and moves his head and even breathes out fire…well smoke anyway.

He comes with a marshmallow that when put to his mouth changes colour  gets toasted when he breathes on it.

Torch responds with 50 different sound and motion combinations including giggling, snorting and even burping.

I was surprised that the children walked that much without moaning about it. I think it had to do with dragon power, so I daresay Torch may be magical after all.


After the walk, we headed off to the swanky Soho Hotel for a scrumptious lunch and the children were given their very own Torch to take home.


Torch is priced at about £83.99 and is available at ToysRUs , Argos and Smyths

Here are some of the places of interest we visited –  Golden Hinde, London Bridge, Monument to the Great Fire, Saint Dunstan in the East, Site of Scaffold, Tower Hill, Leadenhall Market, St Andrew Undershaft, Saint Michael’s Alley, Change Alley, The Royal Exchange, Guildhall Yard, St Mary-le-Bow, St Paul’s Cathedral, Cock Lane, Giltspur Street, St Bartholomew, Smithfield Market St Bartholomew the Great End. 

Thank you Hasbro for making our day both knowledgeable and entertaining. We think Torch is a pretty special dragon.

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