Harumika Interior Design Playset – Give in to creativity

Jadyn loves Harumika as you must know if you have been following the reviews we have posted on here. She loves designing clothes and has her career in mind – she wants to be a fashion designer.

This time however, there was something of even more interest. She could now turn her attention to designing rooms.


The new Harumika Interior Design gives children the freedom to be creative and design their own rooms. The sets include furniture that can be made into beds or sofas and then can be swathed in fabric to give different effects.

Jadyn loves designing things so she was thrilled to be now designing rooms. The set we received was the Bedroom set.

What you need to do is build the furniture and then decorate it with the fabric provided. In the same way of the Harumika dress designer; there is a stylus that helps you tuck the fabric in to cover the pillows or sofas.

harumika 5

The set comes with different fabrics and also cardboard that can be used as wall paper or carpeting. What you get at the end of it is a lovely decorated room.

As expected from Bandai, the quality of the products is great. The fabrics are of different colours and can be used to create effective designs that blend well with each other.

Jadyn did find it a bit difficult getting the hang of building the furniture as the white clasp to join two pieces together is a bit tricky but with more and more play (which she enjoys), she soon became an expert.


The set contains 25 pieces which can be used to create different furniture and styles. You can use the fabric as curtains or to drape cushions or as a throw or bedspread. You can design it just the way you want.

Two pieces can be joined together to make the walls of the room with a floor too. Then all you need to do is put in wall paper or curtains and flooring.

harumika 3

I love the fact that this gives a child stimulus to get creative and also to learn which colours go together to get the best possible results and you can see how the total effect is.

Another great idea from Bandai – The Harumika Interior design playset.

Disclosure: I received the above playset to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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