Happy Birthday to Me

A tribute to my age!!

Happy birthday to me
I’m 40 years old you see
I don’t look as old as I feel
My face isn’t wrinkled, my skin doesn’t peel
I don’t have crows feet or ducks feet that’s true
And my face in the mirror doesn’t make me blue
I used to think that this ripe old age
Was over the hill at some bygone stage
But now that I’ve reached it
I consider it young
I still have my mojo, I can still have fun
I may not be able to hold my drink
Or dance all night till I cannot think
I’ll probably fall over after a racy song
And will definitely not be partying till dawn
I find myself sleepy at half past ten
I will not be out running when it’s raining men
I still have my marbles and remember stuff
Although I maybe a little rough
I’m older n wiser and smarter now
And someone said I’m hotter so I’ll take a bow
I’ve heard people say that at 4 nought forty
Many a woman just gets naughty
So happy birthday to ME
I’m 40 years YOUNG you see…

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