Happy Birthday Mum…

happy bday mummy 1

Happy birthday, Mummy!

Although you’re not with us –

We’ll be celebrating ‘you’ today

But without the usual fuss.

We’ll celebrate your gentleness,

We’ll celebrate your love,

A love that we can feel each day

As you look down from above.

We’ll celebrate your laughter

That we miss so much today.

We’ll celebrate that ready smile

You had for everyone you knew– come what may.

You won’t blow out the candles

There’ll be no birthday kiss –

But know that – today more than any other day

You are greatly missed.

You didn’t care for presents,

Everyone who knows you, knows

You’d much rather spend the day

With friends and family close.

Are you celebrating with angels?

Have they made you a cake?

Are you getting many presents?

The kind that angels make?

Is it decorated up in Heaven?

The children want to know.

They talk about you all the time.

I know they miss you so.

I hope you have a super day

Even though we’re far apart;

And we’ll celebrate your birthday

Deep within our hearts.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum…

  1. Love it Jes… No words to explain how I felt when I read this. I know the feeling….. But I would say, No matter where she is, she is always watching you guys and sending her blessings throughout the day.

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