Halloween’s a Treat with Oral-B

Let’s face it – for most of us, we’re going to be having an awful lot of sweets today. And this will probably continue through the week judging from the amount of sweets the kids collected Treat Or Treating last year.

I do allow my children sweets but I also worry about their teeth. I wasn’t really surprised to know that recent research has revealed approximately 25% of five-year-olds experience tooth decay in England and that establishing good oral care habits is a primary concern for parents.

Since 90% of tooth decay is preventable through better oral health, regular dentist visits, nutritionally-balanced meals, and using the right products, it is important that we take proper steps to ensure that the children’s oral healthcare is taken care of.

My little one struggles with brushing her teeth and always drags her feet to do so. Thank goodness for Oral B. 

Oral B have decided to turn brushing into fun with its NEW electrical toothbrush range that’s in collaboration with Disney. The Oral-B Kids Power Electric Toothbrushes (3+), as well as the Disney Magic Timer App feature a selection of famous characters from Frozen, Cars and Star Wars.

The app is available from iTunes and the Google play store

They are also working with Dr Uchenna Okoye – Oral-B Smile Director and Clinical Director of the London Smiling Dental Group – who says “Brushing for two minutes, twice a day, is one of the best ways that parents can help their children fight cavities and protect their young teeth, not just during Halloween, but every day. In my practice, we make dental visits fun by including games and characters; doing this at home can truly help make the experience more enjoyable for both parents and children and help establish a lifetime of good habits.”

I always make sure to keep my dental appointments for the children as well as make sure they brush effectively. We were sent the new Oral-B Kids toothbrushes to help us out and with though the toothbrushes have a timer of their own, the Disney Magic Timer App helps make brushing more fun. Who doesn’t like Disney.

Aeryn has the new Frozen brush and Ethan has the Star Wars one. The Magic Timer App keeps them entertained as well as allows them to earn badges. I don’t have a problem getting Aeryn to brush nowadays.

Jadyn was delighted with her Oral-B Genius Orchid Purple brush which is gorgeous to look at as well as having some amazing features. I shall be posting a full review of that soon so do be sure to come back and check it out. You can however check out the Oral-B Genius Orchid Purple at Boots 

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