Halloween Range from Trolli USA

It’s almost Halloween and there’s so much to do. Let face it – Halloween is fast becoming a popular celebration in the UK. Especially with kids. And no wonder, looking at the amount of sweets they can pick up.

We’ve also had our own share of Halloween fun and we WILL be carving pumpkins later today. Its fun and can get quite competitive too.

But Halloween is all about sweets and in true Halloween style, we were sent some delicious Halloween treats from Innovative Bites. The sweets from the Trolli_USA candy range are perfectly spooky for the night.

The range includes –

Mixed bag which has mini packets of sour glowworms, Dracula teeth and Halloween bears.

Glotzer – scary looking eyeballs that are like marshmallows with a jam/jelly in the middle.

Dracula – the bag with teeth that’s part of Halloween fun.

Superbrain – Sweets that are brain shaped.

Glowworms – Super sour, sugar coated worms.

We tried them all and the kids had great fun with the eyeballs.

They are gummy sweets and are soft and chewy.

We can’t  wait to fill our candy bowl and greet other Trick or Treaters.



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