Halloween Games Giveaway – Zombie Magic & Gross Science

Are you in the Halloween mood already? I’m sure the children are. We have been in that mood for a little while now with some lovely deliveries and planning a spectacular Halloween party to celebrate my son’s birthday next week. To share the fun, I’ve got a couple of lovely games to give away. 


John Adams has very kindly offered to give one of my lucky readers a copy of Zombie Magic and Gross Science. Here’s a little more about the games

Zombie Magic 



Brand new for 2016, Zombie Magic (RRP £19.99) is scarily good! The zombie-themed box of dead good illusions makes magic loads of fun. Complete with instruction leaflet and a “how-to” video guide, Zombie Magic includes 35 illusions from beyond the grave. Wow your audience by making zombies appear and disappear in a spooky coffin. Stab swords through zombie’s solid brains and discover the zombie foot with a broken leg which only you can reconnect! Scare someone silly by making a zombie brain appear in a specimen jar, or by vanishing blood stained handkerchiefs. Give someone the fright of their life with mysterious multiplying maggots plus loads more terrifying tricks!



Gross Sciencegross_science_box-610x610

Being in the bathroom has never been so much fun with Gross Practical Jokes (RRP £14.99). Packed full of hilarious toilet humour jokes, Gross Practical Jokes is the easy way to play priceless pranks on your family and friends! Complete with 30 toilet-themed tricks and all you need to pull them off to keep people guessing, the set includes the all-time classic fake poo as well as new favourites like the urine spill! The toilet squirter and slime-filled toilet farter are sure to get you giggling or why not gross out your loved ones with the ultimate fake snot?! Gross Practical Jokes also includes 15 easy-to-do ideas plus lots more pranks and props to make even more mischief!


To win both these games, enter the giveaway below –
Win Zombie Magic and Gross Science

58 thoughts on “Halloween Games Giveaway – Zombie Magic & Gross Science

  1. I like it when my husband pretends his thumb has pulled off. Our son looks at him with amazement, he could make it gross with fake blood but I think our boy would cry, he’s very sensitive x

  2. My son loves to play tricks on me … gross and otherwise …. he has a whoopee cushion which makes very realistic noises !! lol xx

  3. We get the stink bombs they are vile and turn your stomach we keep these for papas house though cause he always pulling tricks on the kids

  4. Yeah not my favourite but my almost 3 year old has started putting random fruit in my shoes, banana was not easy to clean… my 8 year old so loves whoopy cushions though!

  5. The fake poop goes down well ( with the right people ) the kids were very very entertained for an entire evening at an outdoor family function, it also made a lot of people laugh and a good but gross conversation topic!

  6. The worst practical joke I have pulled is putting cling film on the toilet, just under the lid, so that when you go you flood the place :/

  7. This is a really gross one that a friend of mine was unfortunate enough to experience at our uni digs. The boys had lifted the toilet seat lid up, and tightly across the top of the toilet pan had placed cling film so it really looked as if it wasn’t there when the toilet seat was placed back down. She got up in the middle of the night to go for a piddle……..and I’ll leave the rest of it for you to imagine!

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