Halloween baking with Jacintaz3


What’s a celebration without cake? With Halloween just around the corner, I figured it would be great to do some spooky baking to get into the mood.

The children were all geared up so we spent the afternoon on Saturday baking our best creations.

We were pretty pleased with the outcome, I must say.


For the cup cakes

4 oz self raising flour

4 oz caster sugar

4 oz butter

2 eggs

A dash of milk

A teaspoon of vanilla essence

 For decoration

Pumpkin cakes

Ready to roll fondant icing

Orange, green and black and red food colouring

Buttercream icing

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon lime juice


Pre heat the oven to 180˚C

Cream the butter and sugar until smooth

Sift in the flour

Add the beaten eggs

Add the milk and the vanilla essence

Stir through till a smooth batter is formed.

Place the cup cake cases in the cup cake baking tin.

Spoon in a little of the mixture into it – it should be a little more than half full

Bake for about 20 minutes.

Remove from oven and allow to cool.


For the Pumpkin cakes –

Use orange food colouring to make the fondant orange – it can be quite sticky so you will need to roll it in a bit of icing sugar.

Cut a 6 inch circle in the icing.

Place a cake in the circle and then wrap over. Gently form into a ball like shape.WP_000900

Use a blunt knife to make the pumpkin markings on the cake.

Use a paring knife to cut a leaf shape in the green fondant and place on the top.

Make a stalk from the black and place between the leaves on top.

Use black fondant for the eyes and form a mouth. Cut small teeth in the white fondant and decorate the mouth.


For the monster cake

Use green colouring to make the fondant green, then roll out a circle and drape over the cake.

Use black and white fondant to form the eye and place on the cake.


For the witch –

Using the black colouring make the fondant black and use a paring knife to cut strips but leave the top joined – like a fringe. Add to both sides of the face. Cut a cone shape for the hat and then add eyes and form a witch’s hooked nose.


For the deadly toadstool –

Mix the ingredients of the butter cream together.

Use the red colour to colour the butter cream and using a palette knife cover the top of the cake.

Cut small circles in the fondant and place at intervals on the frosting so that it resembles a toadstool.



We also used some green food colouring to make some of the batter green to make it really spooky…..and Ethan enjoyed mixing up this ghoulish batter!



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