Hairdorables Shortcuts Review

Aeryn has been looking at these Hairdorables series of dolls for some time now. And I can’t blame her because the packaging itself looks so sweet.

How much fun then, when we were invited to collaborate with the brand and feature them on our social channels.


We went to Walmart to pick up one of these dolls. That was half the fun. She had a tough time deciding which one to bring home.

The Hairorables Shortcuts surprise dolls come in packaging that resembles shampoo bottles and is difficult to miss when you are shopping.

There are 8 surprises to open and Aeryn couldn’t wait to get unwrapping.

The first two compartments of the bottle are removable and the doll is in the third.

In the first, there was a barrette. The second contained a scrunchie skirt. And the third had the doll – Emma. There was also a sticker, the hair that can be attached and a little camera. Emma comes with very long hair that can be styled. She has two hair clips on them that can be removed for more styling fun.

Emma has a lovely multi-colored skirt and is on roller skates. She has and it’s perfect for playtime.

The doll is an ideal size. It is not too small and yet it is a perfect size to fit into a bag for a car journey or a day trip.

Priced at $9.98, the doll is great value for money and we think it makes a great gift for the holidays. It is available at Walmart 

Hairdorables Shortcuts is from the Just Play brand and there are 24 dolls to collect. I know I’ll be adding to our collection as they are so cute.

It also has our Elves’ stamp of approval.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not part of the campaign and I did not receive compensation for it. I wrote it because we had so much fun playing with the doll and think it would make a great gift. 

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