A Guide To Treating Your Kids Without Spoiling Them

Every parent wants to treat their kids. After all, there’s nothing quite like putting a smile on your baby’s face! But how do you draw the line between treating your kids and full on spoiling them? If you tend to treat them too much, they might end up spoiled. Of course if they are endlessly grateful for the things you’re spoiling them with, it might not be so bad. However, you might end up accidentally teaching them that life is a free ride and they can get what they want, when they want. They might not realise that most people have to work hard for the things they own, and one day they’ll need to provide for themselves too. You definitely don’t want them turning into co dependent teenagers/adults. This guide will give you some helpful information on treating your kids without spoiling them. Read on to learn more…


Set A Budget For Outings

Start by setting a budget for your outings. Whether you’re going to the toy shop or out exploring for the day, kids usually end up wanting some kind of toy or souvenir from their trip. To set boundaries here and to make sure they’re not always wanting the most expensive toy there is, set a budget for your outings. Make it clear to them how much they have to play with. You can even make a deal with them: if they spend less than the budget, they can pocket the difference. If they spend more, they cover it with pocket money or other bits of money they’ve accumulated. This will not only teach them good lessons to do with money and gifts, it’ll teach them about money and the value of it too. They might be a little too young to understand at first, but the more you use a system like this, the more they’ll understand!


Give Them Prepaid Cards

You can buy prepaid cards for kids these days. All you do is load on the money you wish to give them, and they can spend it any way they choose. This can be really helpful, as there’s no chance of them losing the money. Also, you’ll know what they’ve spend the money on as you can download apps to see transactions. Giving them a prepaid card will teach them even more about spending and the value of money.


Ask Them To Count Their Blessings

By asking your kids to count their blessings, they become grateful rather than spoiled and apathetic. Get into the habit of doing this every day. Ask what they are grateful for, who they are grateful for, etc. Get them to talk about good things that have happened to them that day. Make sure you set an example by telling them what you’re grateful for too. They’ll begin to learn as they listen to you. Don’t be surprised if they list a lot of toys they’re thankful for when you start doing this. Kids aren’t usually able to be sympathetic like adults.


Teach Them Good Manners

Teaching good manners is really important. The sooner you get them into the habit of doing this, the better! Even if they don’t really know what they are saying or why they are saying it, they’ll get used to it and eventually understand. Please and thank you are very powerful, so kids should learn to use them at the right times!




Make Them Realise The World Exists Outside Of Themselves

Kids don’t realise that the world exists outside of themselves. Many think you have no life outside of them, or that you simply disappear when you’re not in front of them. You can make kids realise that you work and pay bills by starting a dialogue with them. Ask them how their day was, and talk about yours. Eventually, they’ll ask questions and you can blow their minds when you tell them about all of the bills you have to pay! This isn’t to scare them or make them feel bad, but to understand how many things you actually need to consider as an adult. You don’t just have a money tree prepared to buy them gifts whenever they want one!


Give Them Jobs And Chores

Giving your kids jobs and chores early on can help give them a sense of purpose, and allow them to earn their pocket money and any treats they get. Start them off young. Even if they are just putting their toys away, it’s better than nothing. Get them into the habit of doing it and they’ll be less likely to become lazy adults!


Volunteer With Them

Your kids may not realise that not everybody is as well off as them. They might not be the richest kids at school, but they should be grateful for the roof they have over their heads, and the food they eat each day. By volunteering with them or doing something so they experience how others live, they’ll become more grateful for the smallest things they have.




Buy Things They Need/They’ll Use

Instead of buying your kids things that they’ll stop using after a while, buy them things they’ll really get use out of. What do they need? What hobbies have they had for a while? Practical gifts are the best gifts. Even custom iPad cases can make good gifts, as they learn to look after their belongings.


Make It A Habit To Give To Others At Christmas Time

Kids love Christmas, as they usually get a boatload of toys and things from the people they love. How about making it a habit to give to others at Christmas time too? This will teach your kids the importance of giving and make them think of others. Maybe you could each pick a charity you want to donate to at this time of year. You could all even buy a toy and send it to somebody who could really use it. This will make you all feel good and teach valuable lessons!

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  1. Reading this post I am happy to say I have ticked every box. We always set a budget, we always give to others at christmas (shoe box appeals etc), we always ask our kids to think of others and yeh, I agree all of these things matter and make a difference.

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