Gü Hot Chocolate in an Edible Cup – Perfect for a Winter’s Night

I like trying out new things especially new recipes. Ask me to cook everyday food and I moan a little (okay I moan a lot) Luckily Hubs is a great cook. 🙂

I was approached by Gü Puds to take part in a challenge to come up with an edible cup, I knew I had to take it up.

Gü Puds has recently launched it’s delicious Hot Chocolate in 3 amazing flavours and wanted bloggers to create cups. Now, I knew that nothing else other than a chocolate cup would do. And besides, how hard could it be really?

How wrong I was! It is not easy to make a chocolate cup at all. After hunting through some recipes and inspiration, I tried out this one. Let’s say – I tried and tried and tried this one.

All you need for this, is chocolate( I used cooking dark chocolate buttons and a bit of white chocolate ) which you temper in the normal way  – melt over hot water or in a microwave. The microwave is obviously less trouble but remember to do it in short bursts, mixing in between because even if it looks like it’s not melted, but softened, it all comes together when you stir it. And if you keep it too long in the microwave, it just comes together in a clump.

After the chocolate is melted but still quite thick, take a pastry brush and coat the inside of the silicone cup case. You need a fairly thick coat. Put in the refrigerator to cool for about 10 minutes. Take it out and coat it again and pop it back in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. (If you have more time, I would say let it remain so that the chocolate really sets well.

Take it out and separate from the silicone mould carefully.

I would suggest that you make many more than you need as there are bound to be mistakes. (See below)



I was about to give up and make a fondant cup when this happened –


I was chuffed as my daughter said it looked lovely. It is the perfect cup for Gü Hot Chocolate.

Edible Chocolate Cup

The  Gü Hot Chocolate is delicious. Very decadent and perfect for cold winter nights. It is not meant for sharing! 🙂


We tried the Hot Chocolate and the Mocha Hot Chocolate and both were delicious – creamy and very chocolatey.

The flavours come in handy cartons that you can pour out straight from the refrigerator for a cold chocolate drink or warm in the microwave for that ideal cuddle up drink.

Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher to purchase ingredients to create the cup and try out the Hot Chocolate. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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