Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Machine Review

Grossery Gang – The name itself is appealing to children.

It’s all about shopping gone rotten – even more appealing.

We were sent the Mushy Slushie Machine and this is obviously to make revolting shakes/slushies. Perfect for offering to friends.


The set has a slushie cup to hold all you’re grossest ingredients. Pull the lever below to plop the combo out. There is also a launcher which is great fun as you try to launch the grossery into the slushie maker. There are also mini slushie cups to hold the slushie once it’s made.


What is the grossery gang?

The craziest, zaniest new collectables with attitude! Collect, swap and play with the coolest characters around. The Grossery Gang can’t wait to hit the shelves! There are over 150 characters to correct across 6 different gangs. Launch your figures into the slushie machine then pull the leaver and watch them fall into the slushie cup! You can store you figures in the displays or throw them in the fridge! The Mushy Slushie playset also includes 2 exclusive characters. There’s over 150 characters to collect in the Grossery Gang! Start your collection with some included Foil Bags that includes gross characters. Look out for special edition stocky sweets or ultra-rare mouldy veg!


The children quite enjoyed playing with this one especially launching the grosseries. It came with two exclusive grosseries too – Rotten Raspberry and Grimey Lime which are really ‘squishy’ as the kids say.

Priced at £14.99, this is a start to the Grossery collection from Flair

Great for collection and exchange and comparing with your fellow gross collectors.

I was sent the above for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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