Great Ideas for Getting Out and About with Baby

At this time of year, you may be quite reluctant to leave the house with your newborn. It’s cold, wet and dark most of the time. However, there are plenty of good reasons why you should get out and about a lot more. It’s good for a baby to experience changes in their environment. The stimulation is key to their learning development. Your baby can’t regulate his temperature himself. But being able to feel a difference in the ambient temperature helps his skin to adjust naturally.

Wrapping baby up in layers is essential when the temperature is down to single figures. Try to use lots of layers that can easily be removed as you nip into the shops, or ride in the car. Overheating can be very dangerous, so keep an eye on baby’s skin and temperament to help you decide if he is too warm.

There are plenty of ways to carry the baby while you are out for a stroll. If it’s raining, you may prefer to use the buggy or pram. There are pushchair raincovers available for every brand and model. Using one keeps the wet out of the baby’s seat, and the windchill off his face too. They are very quick and easy to put on or take off to stow. The best thing about taking the pram is you can change baby in there if you get really stuck while you’re out.


Image by OldGreySeaWolf

You may prefer to keep baby close in a harness or sling. Remember that your body heat will keep him quite toasty so don’t over-wrap him for the weather. Feeding on the go can be easier this way too with the right maternity wear. Carrying your baby in your arms can lead to backache and tired arms, so a harness is ideal. If you’re going for a hike or country walk, you can even use a heavy duty backpack-style harness for your little one to enjoy a ride in.

Getting out and about helps you get fit again very quickly. It’s a great way to shift those pregnancy pounds and helps get your circulation pumping again. If you are feeling tired looking after a newborn, a brisk walk in the fresh air is a great way to re-energise. It’s good for your mood, and the extra oxygen will help you both sleep more soundly. Best of all, you can get away from the house and even catch up with some friends. Baby sleep music is also a great way of getting baby to sleep and help you through those sleepless nights. 

If you prefer to take the car, why not invest in a baby mirror? It is placed on the headrest of the seat where the baby carrier is attached. That way, you can see your baby’s face in your rearview mirror. It is designed to help you be less distracted by any sounds your newborn may make while you are driving. A quick glance reassures you everything is OK.

A few toys, a set of waterproofs, a buggy torch, and a blanket are part of your toolkit when you’re out and about. So why not grab your change bag and get yourself some fresh air? It’s great for good health!

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