Grandma sent us kisses…

Today as we walked to school, we saw this…



And the first thing both the older two said was  – ‘Look, its a kiss from Grandma’

It certainly was.  (And I know why she sent it)

The last few days I have been missing my mom’s presence more than ever. She may not have lived with me in the last few years of her life but in spite of her being very ill, she was always there for me. I could call her and talk to her about anything and she would never judge, never give out advice unless asked for and always hand out lots of comfort.

I miss that. I miss her.

But more than that, today I realised how much the children still miss her. Jadyn said ‘I wish Grandma had recovered’. And Ethan, though only 4 when she passed away, says he misses her a lot too.

‘Well today’, I said, ‘Grandma has sent you a kiss’.

‘How do we send one back?’ asked Ethan.

To which, I replied, ‘You can blow kisses to her and I am sure she will catch them’.

Well, obviously we then had to stop and blow kisses to the sky…which may have looked a bit odd.

The ‘kiss’ in the sky remained and Jadyn said, ‘She’s got ours and is still sending kisses to us – its going a be a lovely day for all of us’.

I couldn’t help but quitely wipe away a tear and smile at the innocence and the faith and the love – a legacy left behind by my Mum.



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