Gone Crabbing:Gifts and Casual Clothing

I recently got to know about this great brand called Gone Crabbing. I know it sounds like a brand that would sell fishing rods and tackle and buckets and spades.

But, let me tell you, Gone Crabbing has the most amazing stuff. There are different kinds of soaps, hoodies, kitchenware and gifts.

I was really happy to get to review an adorable hoodie and oven mitts from the brand.


The hoodie is really sweet and of a good quality too. It is nice and thick and lined. It has a really sweet crab on the back. I would suggest however, that if you are going to buy one to buy a size larger as my little one who is 2 fits comfortably in an age 3 size.


The oven mitts are well made and are very comfortable to use when taking things out of the oven.

The Gone Crabbing range includes – T-shirts, hoodies, aprons, mugs as well as pocket money items like pencils and erasers.

gone crabbing

Gone Crabbing’s Susie Mason takes up the story:

“Gone Crabbing is about being British, being fun and being affordable. Our prices start at £1 for a badge and the most expensive item is our solid silver Colin the Crab necklace for £49.99. Our hoodies are better quality than most you’ll find on the high street and, at £34.99 for a Big Nipper and £26.99 for a Little Nipper, a lot better value too.”

Susie is always casting around for new designs which are added to the range each spring. The shops in Burnham ,Deepdale and Southwold stock products exclusive to the stores including crabbing buckets and nets so you can catch your very own Colin.

Gone Crabbing has also launched a range of soaps which I am sure must be lovely.

Eau De North Sea – a heady mix of seaweed for those looking for a statement soap that says ‘I take my holidays in Britain and I’m proud of it’.

Mussel Man – if your budget doesn’t run to oysters, Mussel Man soap, with its Spirit of the Nile scent, is the perfect aphrodisiac. Heady with the promise of good, clean fun.

Totally Clawsome – with a hint of wild lettuce, Totally Clawsome is Gone Crabbing’s signature soap featuring Colin the Crab – East Anglia’s answer to Cindy Clawford.

Beauty On The Beach – bring out your inner beach hut with this soap featuring the fragrance of freshly-picked coastal bluebells.

Handmade in the UK, Gone Crabbing’s 100% vegetable soaps are not animal tested and cost £3.99 for a whopping great 200g bar.

I think these would make excellent stocking fillers. I can quite easily say I wouldn’t mind having some in my stocking!

If you are looking for some unique gifts, please do visit the Gone Crabbing website as I am sure that there will be several things that will ‘catch’ your eye!


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