Glimmies Aquaria GlimSplash and Character Review

We reviewed the Glimmies before and enjoyed playing with them. Little fairy like creatures that light up have got to be a hit in our home.

This time round though, we were sent the Glimmies Aquaria packs that are even more of a hit. Let me tell you why.

The Glimmies Aquaria as you may have guessed have a water element to them. They are the same magical creatures but these marine fairies are activated under water. They light up when immersed in water. Take them out of water and they hide their light.

We were sent the Glimmies Aquaria GlimSplash  which includes an underwater setting for the Glimmies and a character too. We were also sent 2 characters.

The GlimSplash includes some bits and pieces that you can decorate your underwater world with and it is lovely. Fill it with water and it’s an aquatic world for your Glimmies.

Once filled with water, all you need is one of the Glimmies to fill it with light. Each of the Glimmies shine different colours so you can see a myriad of colours when you immerse a few of them in the water.

There are different characters to collect and they are adorable. Aeryn loves playing with them. Obviously the water element also has a lot to do with its popularity.

The GlimSplash is priced at £19.99 and the single packs are priced at £4.99

You can find out more about the Glimmies at –

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