Glamp with OLPRO’s camping equipment this year

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Jadyn and Ethan love camping – only we haven’t camped yet!

They can’t wait to go camping and I am hoping that in the new year – I can make this a reality. I know I’ll need to get a lot of camping gear and some sturdy backpacks for long walks and days out. 

Well, anyway – just because we haven’t been or don’t go camping, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared. I mean an opportunity can come at any time, can it not?

So when I was asked if I would like to review this sleeping bag, I said yes. Hubs, of course, thought that it wasn’t such a good idea seeing as we don’t camp. But then, there is no harm in being prepared, is there? Besides, having a sleeping bag doesn’t mean that one uses it solely for camping. It has many uses – for a sleepover, when guests stay over and you need sleeping space or of course, just for a fun night.

witley sleeping bag lr.

Sometimes, the children like to ‘camp’ out in the living room. I mean, we do have enough beds but it is something that they look forward to. So, we all crash out on the floor for this ‘sleepover’. The children think its great fun and who am I to spoil it for them?

Here is where the sleeping bag came in handy. When we decided it was a sleepover night, Jadyn took out the sleeping bag and used it and apparently had a perfect night’s sleep.

I like that this sleeping bag is really lightweight but at the same time is a good size. It is an adult size sleeping bag and is quite roomy. In fact my younger two can both fit in together.

The bag folds up into quite a neat package and the bag that it fits into has handy drawstrings that make for easier transportation.


The bag is 75 cm wide and 190 cm long and has 52 oz filling. I must say that it does look quite stylish. The outside is polyester while the inside is poly-cotton. The filling is microfiber.

The bag weighs about 2 kg which is great for camping.

The bluish grey outer with the OLPRO Witley design looks quite trendy and since it is in a neutral colour it can be used by both gender.


The sleeping bag is priced at £39.99 and is available here. OLPRO also has some other wonderful camping products so if you are an avid camper or even if this is your first trip, so visit their site and have a look around. I am sure that you will find something you like.


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