Giving your child some more education options

Kids are always learning. They love to learn, whether it be about how loud a tiger’s roar is or when the second world war ended – finding out about these facts and keeping the knowledge in their minds is something children are hardwired to do! But there are some subjects we just can’t stand, and get low grades in; and in the same way,


Education can be fun, we all know that. But there’s a lot of educational options out there that just won’t be right for your kids, as they grow and grow. After all, not everyone gets on with the classroom setting, or going to university a few years down the line. Even getting into college can seem a struggle for some – it’s why more and more 16 year olds are taking on apprenticeships!


So with all that in mind, let’s think about introducing education options to your children, no matter how old they are. We always want our kids to be happy, and to do their best, so let’s set them up right!



First of All, Keep it Simple


Kids can very easily get overwhelmed, even when they’re 16 or 17 and starting to think very seriously about their future – they’re already panicking, and our input can often be very unhelpful! But if we focus on kids of younger ages for the time being, suddenly bringing up all these ideas about what they can do with their education when they’re older is just going to confuse (and potentially upset!) them.


So make sure you sit down with your child, and explain that when they get a bit older, they’re going to have a choice over where they go next, what things they study, and that they can always follow the subjects they love.


Sure, they have to get through primary school sessions for now, and you don’t want to over excite them, but let them think about what sorts of things they might want to get up to in the future. Kids often grow up with no idea how to take a bit of control for themselves, so this could be key!


Thinking About Homeschooling


Homeschooling is something more and more parents are thinking about these days, as it allows us control over what our kids learn, and allows them to learn in a much more comfortable setting with their parent right by their side. But when it comes down to it, deciding to homeschool your child is a big commitment, and if you’re not a qualified teacher, there’s a chance your kids could miss out here.


Which is why online learning is becoming such a widely quoted idea. For both primary and secondary learning, as well as college programs and degree courses. And whilst your child may be a long way away from signing onto an MBA distance learning programme, there’s still a lot of educational sites they can visit: places like Cool Math Games and the Khan Academy. Whilst some sites just have games kids can play to teach them about maths and science, others have completely free lessons a child can watch and interact along with.


Make Sure They Know About Clubs


Your children don’t just have to stick to curricular hours; they can sign up to a club and find enjoyment in an educational activity that could be with them for years to come. After all, when you have a club to attend on a weekly basis, you have a stable course of learning to stick with, and you can make all kinds of friends along the way. When you have people around you who are just as passionate, you can feel a lot better about going through your schooling.


If they like moving around and using their energy, maybe a football or a dancing club would be good for them. If they like to sit and read, there’s always going to be a book club they can join up with. Even if they like playing games, whether they be on a board or via a console, there’s a good chance there’s a games club out there for them to sign up to. Hand eye coordination, and being able to think ahead about your decisions, are just a couple of the strengths of someone who likes gaming!


Giving your child education options is a good choice from a young age. Seeing as this world has all kinds of jobs for the future generation to get on with, why not let them prepare for them?


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