Gigglebug TV series and Apps – Review

I remember Jadyn being a huge fan of Milkshake on Channel 5. It’s probably because we didn’t have Sky or Virgin or Netflix of the rest, but I remember it kept her giggling and laughing and singing and dancing.

I was recently introduced to Gigglebug TV and Aeryn just loves it. It does just what it’s name suggests – makes little ones giggle. And we all know that laughter is the best medicine!

What is Gigglebug?

Gigglebug is a heartfelt and infectious Finnish TV series for pre-schoolers, which has only just launched in the UK for the first time to get kids and families laughing together! Starring the favourite little forest creature with the infectious laugh, the Nordic sensation is now available on Channel 5’s newly launched Milkshake! YouTube channel. Highlighting the healing power of laughter and how positive thinking helps children learn better, Gigglebug is a playful and profound TV series inspired by the emotional goals in the Finnish pre-school curriculum.

We watched a few of the episodes and they are ever so cute. They are short 5 minute episodes so they hold the attention of pre-schoolers and toddlers alike.

There are also some fun apps related to the show that we just love.

Gigglebug Face Race – This is a game where you copy silly faces to copy expressions and emotions of the characters. The more you twist your face and make them accurate, the more points you score. I must confess I had a go at this too and it was fun.

Gigglebug Tickling Game – In this game you need to tickle grumpy animals and make them laugh. Wish it was that easy in real life! And who doesn’t giggle when tickled?

Giggle Tree – combines laughter and music to create a brand new interactive experience in Greengrown Forest.

Aeryn plays all of them but she loves the Face Race the most and I do agree, it definitely gets the most giggles.

Gigglebug series and the apps, are sure to be a huge hit with the young ones. The apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play.



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