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It’s September and we’ve all got back to school, school runs, lunch box ideas, uniforms and homework. Before we know it, it will be half term and then – my favourite time of the year: Christmas.

I am like a child and love Christmas. And like a child I love getting presents. (well, who doesn’t anyway?)

Surprises, packed in wrapping paper and tied with a ribbon. Gifts big or small.

And as much as I like receiving gifts, I love giving gifts too. It’s a special feeling to search for the perfect gift and see a smile on someone’s face when you hand over a perfectly chosen present.

Thinking of Christmas and presents, I came across this great website Best Gift Company – the home for designer gifts. It is your one stop shop for unique designer gifts for men, women, children and even pets. While browsing, there were so many unique gifts that caught my eye and I thought of sharing some of these wonderful gift ideas with my readers.

Personally I love this charm bracelet from Giorgio Martello for women/girls. It is exquisite and is made from Sterling Silver and rhodium plated to avoid discolouration or oxidisation. There are pretty charms available and there is a huge range that will appeal to a range of ages. I love the idea of charm bracelets as one can add charms to it for different occasions so that each charm carries a special memory.


This Hot Diamonds Giselle Heart Locket is beautiful. This classic gift holds memories for a lifetime as you can add a photo inside it. The locket and chain is silver and the locket has a diamond in the centre of it. The little heart above it also serves to enhance the look. It is definitely a gift that will show thoughtfulness and love.

heart locket

This 18carat rose gold and silver interlocking circles from Hot Diamonds is part of the eternity  collection and is a perfect gift for your loved one. There is a diamond in each earring. If you are feeling generous, team it with this matching Silver and Rose Gold captured circles pendant. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friend.

rose gold

In the men’s range, there are a number of watches and I particularly like the ICE range of watches. I think they look trendy and attractive and there is a wide range of colours to choose from. These watches look equally attractive on a lady’s wrist too.


Last but not least if you feel that your dog is your best friend and deserves that special something  – there is a charm collar by Voss By Voss that is patented and is made from soft leather. The collar holds 16 charms that you can purchase separately.

dog collar

Best Gift Company really has something for everyone and the gifts there are sophisticated and elegant. A great site to visit when you are looking for something special to present on a special occasion. There are also gifts that are inexpensive on the site and perfect for those occasions when one would like give a gift to show love or appreciation when there is no particular reason. There are also iPad bags and earphones available.

I have a lot of favourites on the site and have listed just a few of them.

I definitely hope Hubs takes special note of this post! 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All ideas and opinions are entirely my own.




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