‘Gifted’ – Film Review and Giveaway

There are some films that you bypass and those sometimes turn out to be the best of them all. This is what happened with Gifted. I would have never have watched it, because I hadn’t really heard of it, until I was asked to review it. And I’m so glad I was.


The Story

This charming and emotional story follows Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a single man dedicated to raising his spirited young niece, Mary (Mckenna Grace), a child prodigy. But Frank and Mary’s happy life together is threatened when Mary’s mathematical abilities come to the attention of her overbearing grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) – who has other plans for the girl. You’ll love every moment of this “touching and funny” (Now magazine) film, also starring Jenny Slate and OSCAR® Winner Octavia Spencer.

Our Thoughts

This is a film that you shouldn’t miss. It’s out on DVD now so pick it up and add it to your home collection. We LOVED the film.  And when I saw ‘we’ I mean the entire family. The younger ones may not have understood the emotion but they love Mary’s sassiness and could identify with her standing up for what is right.

The film brought a lot of smiles and a few tears too. It’s an emotional film bringing both happiness and sadness. Chris Evans plays the part of the single uncle with a closeness to his niece perfectly. He’s indulgent with her and yet she is made to toe the line when required.

Jadyn really got into the film and loved it. She said she is going to recommend it to her friends.

As I said, it’s one for the family.

If you like the sound of the film, you’re in luck because I have a copy to give away.

‘Gifted’ DVD Giveaway

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