Giant Fire Breathing Toothless Dragon:Review

Our home has been overcome by animals and dinosaurs and this time we were held captive by this Fire- breathing  toothless dragon.

Ethan is enamoured by dragons and knights and was quite thrilled to be able to ‘tame’ it. 🙂

This dragon from the series Dragons Defenders of Berk is quite realistic. It looks ferocious and it actually breathes smoke!


The laser light adds to the experience.

I have to say that this is a great gift for a little boy. It is pretty large and the wings span out to create quite an awesome presence as a dragon should be.


You need to add water at the top of the body as in the instructions and you will also need  AAA batteries so ensure that you have some handy.

When you press down on a ear– the dragon breathes smoke and the laser gives it that magical look. It also has glow in the dark projectiles that can be launched when the ears are pressed.


The only niggle with it is that I had a bit of a problem attaching the tail and it took some time before I decided to unscrew a bit of the body and then attach it but it was well worth it to see the look on Ethan’s face when he had it in his hand.

From SpinMaster toys , this amazing dragon is a quality product and I am sure that children will spend a good number of hours playing with it.

It is great for imaginary play and encourages children to make up stories about it. Ethan has been using the dragon to tell some lovely stories.

I am sure that this will make a perfect Christmas gift under the tree.

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