Getting your email campaigns on track in 2019

Recently I’ve seen the rise of email marketing and while I do think a lot of these are quite annoying, I have to admit that I have clicked through on a number of them that seem attractive. I’ve also ended up making purchases as a result of clicking through. It is all in the presentation though as an unattractive, non-engaging email ends up in my junk folder. I’m pretty sure that even my emails that don’t feature interesting subjects end up in other people’s recycling bins on their desktop. So, how is it possible to ensure this doesn’t happen? There are some tried and tested methods that help you and the easiest way to do this is to rely on some one else’s expertise to make for emails that stand out from the rest.

A few things that definitely help are attractive imagery, easy to read fonts, simple yet impressive designs and having a checklist that will ensure the email goes out with the correct content. Of course, you also need to identify your target audience and design your emails accordingly. Campaign Monitor has a wealth of resources that you can use to get that marketing email right on track. They have some great guides to email designs and what’s trending.

Here is an interesting infographic taken from My Emma about mapping your subscriber experience –


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