Getting ready for Pancake Tuesday with Morrisons

You know I have been making pancakes and lots of them and lots of different kinds too – that is if you have been reading my blog.

Well, the nice folk at Morrisons decided to help me with making more pancakes and sent me this lovely hamper to get me started.

First of all, I must tell you, it was delivered on Valentine’s day and it was lovely to receive this beautiful box.


I opened it up to reveal –

Organic honey

Chocolate spread

Pancake mix



A whisk

Cooking spoons

A lemon juicer


Having received it, the children decided that they wanted pancakes that evening but I managed to hold them off till the following morning. Luckily it was Saturday.


Pancakes are easy enough to make but I was surprised and pleased to see how easy it was to use this mix. All I needed to do was add water and mix.

pancake morrisons

The children wanted to try out the chocolate spread with them and they tasted really delicious. Of course a strong favourite was the lemon and sugar pancake and it was easy to juice the lemon as the pips all remained in the juicer so there weren’t any in the lime juice. I didn’t have to fiddle around with a spoon to get pips out of the juice, like I normally do.

morrisons pancake 1

The chocolate spread was creamy and not overpoweringly sweet which is how we like it. It was great to be able to make the pancakes so quickly with just adding water and eggs as I didn’t have to get any lumps out or anything.

morrisons pancake 2

Perfect, convenient pancakes in readiness for Pancake Tuesday.

Disclosure: I was sent a hamper to help me write this post. This has in no way influenced my ideas or opinions. 


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