Getting Outdoors with Regatta

The kids love ice skating – well the idea of, anyway.


It was great when we were invited to skate at the Natural History Museum by Regatta Outdoors and the icing on the cake – to do so in some pretty amazing Regatta jackets.


It was so difficult choosing coats for the family from the range. There are so many lovely products to choose from. In the end, I decided to go with these –

A lovely navy Totteridge parka for Aeryn – It’s lightweight but it keeps her toasty warm – according to her. Just what I need for the weather when we go on our long walks.

For Ethan, I chose this red jacket. It is his favourite colour and I think the red and black looks quite cool. It is also quite light weight and would actually be more suited to early winter or spring. But you could layer it up and it would be fine.

Jadyn wanted something more colourful so this petrol blue jacket is ideal. She loves the look and the style and it does look lovely on her.

I chose this Snowstar parka in spiced mulberry . It keeps very warm and is ideal for walks, school runs and of course skating. I love the colour.

For Hubs, I chose the Andram parka in a bayleaf colour and though he was wondering about the fur, I managed to convince him it it very much the trend. It does look great.

We had a lovely time skating – trying to keep upright by clinging on to the side of the rink. 🙂

Our coats have also come in handy on our weekly walks as they keep ever so warm. All the sizes are perfect and the colours are exactly as shown on the site.

For more about the range, visit –

If you would like to know more about skating at the Natural History Museum, click here





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