Getting Organised for Secondary School Homework

A new school year and a whole lot of changes.

Secondary school can be daunting and very exhausting too. There’s tons to remember and do – homework, classes, books to take, failure of which results in detention.

When Jadyn started school in September, we realised she (and I) needed to get more organised with her books and time table. In primary school, all we needed to remember was book readers and library day and once a week homework. Now suddenly, things changed in a big way. She had loads of exercise books that needed to have work completed and taken on the correct day as per her time table.

Suddenly, we also realised that we had made no provisions for space to keep these books. They needed to be in one place so that when she was getting her bag ready for school she had all her books at hand.

That does need a bit of decluttering!

So we got another bookcase as we also realised that it was good to start early with the other two.

We gave each of them a shelf and told them to keep all their school related things there – pencils, coloured pencils, stationery, reading books, homework etc.

Jadyn also keeps her lanyard and her watch there as well as letters that need signing or looking at.

It is so much easier in the morning.

First of all since everything is kept in the one place, packing bags is a breeze. We don’t have any more scrambling for the library book or homework on our way out the door.

School children’s lockers are so important as they have to be well organised to ensure smooth running of the day.  I have also told Jadyn to ensure that her school locker is tidy and she doesn’t have to scramble for books before classes. So far, she has been organised – at least I hope so as I haven’t seen the inside of her locker.

Do you have a child in secondary school? What changes have you made to organisation so that her homework is easier to handle?

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