Getting fit with the Wii Fit U

This year I took a pledge to eat healthy and exercise more. With the winters being as they are (although I have to admit, this winter the weather has been quite mild), I look for options that will ensure that I do not undertake too many long walks to lose weight.

With 3 children and the home to take care of not to mention blogging :), I also do not find the time to visit a gym or go jogging or running.

I think the Wii Fit is an ideal form of exercising at home and will definitely help to lose weight and keep fit.

When I attended the Nintendo Christmas event in December, I was quite impressed with the Wii U which has updated features as compared to the Wii. Plus, it is mobile.

Nintendo has been working with TV presenter Andrea McLean to launch Wii Fit U. As a busy mum and professional Andrea often finds it hard to make time to exercise and Nintendo has challenged her to try Wii Fit U in her daily exercise regime.

Here are some fun videos of Andrea trialling the  Wii Fit U and I can tell you it looks like loads of fun while getting in shape.

Hmm….looks like fun, can workout at home, can keep tabs on my weight…I think I may have to put this down on my wish list!

Disclaimer: I was not provided with any compensation for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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